Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe

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Having been used to playing hundreds of massive shows across the globe each year for nearly a decade, the events of 2020 resulted in an abrupt change of pace for world-renowned DJ, producer, vocalist and radio host Anna Lunoe. Growing up in Australia as the youngest of four children of Danish and Lebanese parents, a young Anna soon learnt how to make her voice heard. This determined spirit would go on to prove instrumental to her ascension as a groundbreaking figure in the dance music community. 
Bubbling up in the melting pot bloghouse era of the Sydney club scene where every genre was on the table, Anna then honed her sound on the American festival circuit. If Australia was DJ high school for her, then the USA was her DJ university. 
And she understood the assignment, spending the next near decade of her life developing an uncanny ability to find common ground with any audience. Her expertly crafted sets and seemingly endless passion to be on the forefront of emerging sounds has made her a festival favourite across the USA. From smashing through the glass ceiling as the first woman to play the main stage of EDC, sweating out any underground club worth its salt, to curating her own month-long tours across America. 
2019 was easily the biggest year of Anna’s career to date. The first single from her Right Party EP ‘303’ became one of the most played songs by DJs on 1001 Tracklists, and the title track ‘Right Party'' found itself with full rotation on Australia’s own Triple J. She packed out the Sahara tent at Coachella for the third time in her career, secured a massive Vegas residency, hosted Red Bull’s Remix Lab series, played festivals in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia - all while hosting her flagship weekly dancexl radio show on Apple Music. Then rounded the year off playing for a crowd of 10,000 at Audiotistic festival while eight-months pregnant.  
Then, as Anna tells it, “it all went dark”. Right before the pandemic hit, her personal health took a real blow. “2020 started with me bedridden with extremely challenging pregnancy complications, including being temporarily deaf,” Anna recalls. “Then Covid hit and everything just... stopped.” While the following year was by no means easy, the birth of her second child and a move back to Sydney to be closer to her family has given Anna a refreshed perspective on life and music.
Having previously pushed herself to the limits with years of touring, spending this time cocooned inside has been the catalyst for artistic rebirth. “It's time to reset a little,” Anna considers, reflecting that her identity as an artist hasn’t always been easy to pin down. “I want to constantly evolve and make songs that feel exciting to me…”
After a gig-less 15-months, a thrilling arsenal of new anthems-in-waiting in the bag and firmly re-anchored in her desire to elevate the next generation of underground electronic artists, Anna is on the cusp of an exciting new era in her already incredible career. This undeniable scene leader is about to put her own innovative and uncompromising mark on the industry once again. 

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