JK-47 Announces Aus Tour & Drops Stunning Like A Version

JK-47 Announces Aus Tour & Drops Stunning Like A Version

That's just the way it is / Things'll never be the same 

Just last year JK-47 was awarded the 2020 for Unearthed Artist of the Year…

Seems like a long time ago, but it’s just been one of those years.

“Yeah, it was a big year for me,” says the MC. “A lot of holdups and a lot of great things happened too.” The great things include getting married and having a son, who’s now seven months old. “I'm just so thankful, it's just a good feeling just doing my thing.”

For his cover, the Bundjalung rapper chose an absolutely huge song. He went straight for one of the greats: 2Pac.

“The time we’re in right now and the issues that we're seeing...I guess I just didn't wanna rap or perform what was popping because I think that we're getting pretty deep here into things that don't really matter and we’re losing sight of what really does.”

He wants to continue the conversation and “be that change that I actually want to see”, “walking in understanding and peace the harmony and love towards one another.”

JK-47 says even if people don't understand where he’s coming from, he thinks it takes that “unstoppable kinda like love” to break through. “I think that's what I gotta have and that's what I wanna put into this. I hope that everyone gets that message and it gets across the right way.”

That right way includes singing in language, with lyrics written by an artist from the Gudjinburra tribe on Bundjalung Nation. “My boy Jarulah [Slabb] wrote that and he was originally going to sing it but he couldn’t come to Sydney,” he says.

“I had to call him up and meet with him and learn the language and learn the meanings and find my own footing with how I'm gonna sing it because like I'm not really the best singer but you know I'll have a go at it.”

“The gyst behind that is, you know when the sun is going down and everyone has to drop what they’re doing for themself and go back to the home, go back to the hut where everyone contributes to each other and for each other... Everyone’s contributing to society and everyone is just helping everyone, instead of just off doing your own thing.”

For his own track, JK-47 chose to perform his very own ‘The Recipe’. “I made that song maybe four years ago now,” he explains. “It was ages ago, before me and NERVE did our thing on ‘SUNDAY ROAST’. We just put it away, it was even like a different song, there were different lyrics and it went a whole different other way.”

“So when it came time to put it out, I listened back to it and I was like, this is hard but I'm in a different place as an artist right now. So I was like, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna drop this but I'm gonna change it. So we did and it went even harder.”

JK-47's MADE FOR THIS Tour is on sale now.

Sat 12th June – Lucy’s Love Shack, Perth WA 18+

Fri 18th June – Workers Club, Melbourne VIC 18+

Sat 19th June – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney NSW 18+

Sat 26th June – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD 18+

Get yours now before they sell out!