16-Year-Old Aussie Launches Youth-Focused Label Anti-Dismal

16-Year-Old Aussie Launches Youth-Focused Label Anti-Dismal

Anti-Dismal, the label run by 16-year-old indie rock icon Ixaras, has partnered with GYROstream’s distribution platform, DistroDirect, for its official launch.

Brisbane-based Ixaras, also known as Ixara Dorizac, has been championing young artists since she was 14 when she founded Anti-Dismal as both a record label and event management company. Anti-Dismal organises under-18 gigs, well aware of the industry’s tendency to not allow kids into venues. The company has been primarily focusing on events so far, throwing all-ages concerts headlined by emerging artists.

But now, with a new partnership with DistroDirect, Anti-Dismal will be able to continue their commitment to young artists on a larger scale. DistroDirect’s infrastructure, paired with Anti-Dismal’s unwavering passion for the youth, will lead to an influx of younger artists breaking into the industry.


Ixaras said, “I’m beyond excited to take Anti-Dismal to the next level and encourage the next generation of Australian music industry professionals to pursue their creative endeavours in partnership with DistroDirect.”

Previously partnered with Starving Kids Distribution, Ixaras has put out a few singles of her own through Anti-Dismal.

“I wanted to be able to trust that my music would be safe. You put so much time into it, you spend so much time in your room getting at it, so it's just really important to me to be able to own it,” she said.

The label has also released music by other young bands, like Phantasm Street, and will continue to expand its repertoire as it expands its reach.

“With DistroDirect and GYROstream’s help, we are able to amplify our community to the extent it deserves,” Ixaras said.

Anti-Dismal shows are also a way to champion young voices, choosing local and primarily young bands to headline all-ages gigs.

As Special Features said to Purple Sneakers at an Anti-Dismal event they played, “All-ages shows are the fucking best.”