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Blending ferocity and melancholy, Talk Heavy are Meanjin’s next big heart-on-sleeve export with a high e nergy and emotionally charged combination of alternative rock, pop - punk, indie and emo.


Comprised of former members from WALKEN and Sleepwell (Matt Cochran - Vocals/Guitar, Patrick Shipp - Guitar, Tayla Ellerby - Bass and Beej Vaughan - Drums), these four Brisbanites have spent the past few years in the local scene throwing their punk, indie, emo and alternative influences at the wall, hoping to see what sticks. The first result of this new project comes in the form of their debut single ‘Hoping The Middle’, which was originally written by lead songwriter Matt Cochran in late 2020.


Speaking of the track, Cochran says “Hoping The Middle was influenced by the massive uncertainty surrounding life in 2020, as it was a year full of lockdowns, cancelled plans and constant worry. The track reflects that period where it felt so easy to just give up and attempt to cruise through life on autopilot. It was super difficult to justify working toward a goal when you already feel defeated before getting out of the gate.”


Between late 2021 and early 2022, the band entered Matt’s home studio (Birthday Boy) and self-recorded, produced and mixed ‘Hoping The Middle’ among other upcoming releases. The outcome is a dynamic Punk Rock song drenched in existentialism to the tune of artists like Cloud Nothings, PUP, Violent Soho and +44.

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Brisbane Band Talk Heavy Signs With New World Artists

Brisbane Band Talk Heavy Signs With New World Artists

Off the back of their recent live debut at Bigsound, Brisbane punk-rock outfit Talk Heavy have assigned their bookings to New World Artists. The loud riff-rammers join a roster that includes Luca Brasi, Grinspoon, Mallrat, British India, JK-47 and Sneaky Sound System. “From the moment we heard (their debut single) ‘Hoping The Middle’ there was no debating that this young band had serious talent,” NWA agent Liam Saunders said. “After getting an early listen to some of their upcoming releases,...

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